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Chapter Six Comprehensive Organ Regenerative Restoration and

作者:Xu Rongxiang 出版社:CHINA SOCIAL SCIENCES PRESS 发行日期:2009 September

(Lecture) The lecture is about education on regenerative nutriology for the target club members.  It firstly introduces the natures of the regeneration club.   Nowadays, all kinds of clubs spring out abundantly in the service market.   Nevertheless, there is no one club but ours which can achieve life preservation and radically solve the organ disorders by secondary life regeneration through the exploitation of the human potential of regeneration.  The primary work of the club is to study the specific regenerative potential of each type of cells in human organs, so as to explore the principle and nutritional supplies of cells. The regenerative restoration can be achieved simply by cellular intake, absorption, and digestion of nutrients. Therefore, the core unit of the club is human cell laboratory focusing on tissue and organ culturing.  A physically and psychologically normal person is considered as healthy; however, the health state is not in accordance with the actual age for most of the people.  Analysis on the human life properties shows that the average life expectancy of humans is at least 300 years.  Unfortunately, we usually die of aging before 100 years of life.  Thus, it is safe to conclude that the current human aging is premature; to explicate further, human should not have died before 100 years of life based on the theoretical life span, and the reason for early death lies in aging or diseases.  My conclusion is supported by animal experiment of albino rats, such as the double life span study.  In the experiment, the rats in the test group fed with food containing regenerative nutrients lived two and even three times longer than those in the control group fed with the same food without regenerative nutrients.  The reason for selecting albino rats as test subjects is: albino rats biologically share 99% human conclusive principles, and thus most of the results from the albino rat experiments could be used as the evidences for various human assumptions.  Many results in biology are obtained from the tests on albino rats.  Nevertheless, it is impossible to repeat the double life span test on human because it needs 300 years to testify the theory.  However, it is still possible for us to gradually get the commitment of 300 years life span in our club with the daily regenerative nutrients health preservation method. 

It is not a simple work to achieve the goal of 300 years of life span.  It requires firstly no terminal disease occurs which will unavoidably causes early death. Secondly, try to reduce organ disorders to sustain a longer life span. Thirdly, discontinue the organ aging, i.e. extending the middle-age period to 30-90 years from the original 30-60 years.  By this, our life is prolonged consequently. Fourthly, recover the aged organs back to their younger state as soon as possible.  Only when all the above four factors were satisfied, can the 300 years life span of human be realized.  The four factors are also the key to the 300 years commitment.  Though is seems like a science fiction to achieve such goal, it has been achieved in our animal experiments and in our progress of human organ restoration and disease management. 

What is the requirement for the entire course of study?  The study itself can neither be considered as Western Medicine nor Traditional Chinese Medicine, putting aside modern molecular biology or biological tissue engineering.  It is our invention of human body regenerative sciences and the practical techniques which finally realize the goal of human health preservation and longevity through human body regeneration.  Actually, it is the aim of every single scientist and research institute worldwide to realize human body regeneration. Though unremitting efforts have been made for exploration, little advancement has been attained even from the animal experiments.  MEBO is the first and only winner till now by establishing the systematic theory of human regeneration sciences together with the applicable techniques.

Again, today’s lecture is focusing on those four factors aforementioned.  Firstly, to cure cancer---the No. 1 human killer as well as the fatal cause of short life expectancy. I am not bragging here.  Our practice could show you that cancer is a preventable, treatable and curable disease.  It is not the time that cancer equals to death.  And this is the main point of this lecture.  How to realize 300 years life span?  Let’s begin with cell regeneration and the  mystery behind cancer.  I will tell you how to eat properly and the reasons, so that you will find where the core to regeneration lies in your body scientifically.  By that, you can enter the world of human body regeneration mentally and theoretically.  After that, you will be able to preserve your own health according to the principle of regeneration, and more importantly, to obtain healthiness by exploiting regenerative potential.  Next, I will not elaborate on the basic mechanism for this topic, instead, I will focus on application, i.e. to let you know afterwards how to correctly eat regenerative nutritional diet, so that you will be able to achieve regenerative restoration.  Some so-called nutritious experts throw out sets of theories composed of secret codes and symbols which only indicate the course of study, but few of them could provide the final application-confirmed results.  In fact, the real regenerative restoration should be simple.  We are living on three meals daily, aren’t we? However, the quality of the routine meals we are taking nowadays is still not high enough to meet the requirement of regenerative restoration.  We need to pay full attention to the daily meals as well as other food.  This is also one part of today’s lecture.  Lecture one is about regenerative restoration diet and the secret of anti-cancer.  Anti-cancer topic will go after the diet.

Regenerative restoration diet consists of the following aspects: the life basis of regenerative restoration; analysis and compositions of regenerative restoration diet; bioclock plan of regenerative restoration diet; and solution for incurable organ disorders with regenerative restoration diet (which is the most important for heart disease, hepatic disease, renal disease and any other noninfectious diseases which could be transformed into curable diseases); regenerative restoration by diet in aging organ; and the last, the relation between regenerative restoration diet and anti-cancer.