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Chapter Two Results of Clinical Research

作者:Xu Rongxiang 出版社:CHINA SOCIAL SCIENCES PRESS 发行日期:2009 September

[Project Introduction]
On August 8th, 2000, also under the same project, we announced that human skin somatic cells were induced to skin stem cells in situ, then regenerated and restored skin in situ, and the deep burn wound with no skin left healed completely.  After that, we fast extended our work to a new research that included developmental experiments in which somatic cells were transformed into stem cells in vivo and in vitro in animal tissues and organs.  On August 16, 2002, we reported publicly our research achievements that animal somatic cells are able to be induced to stem cells, and then regenerated/cloned new tissues and organs in vivo and in vitro.  Especially for the report, a public hearing was held by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China.  On Aug 16, 2007, we again completed a systemic experimental clinical research on using human tissue cells to induce stem cells.  At the same time, we also obtained astonishing animal feeding experiment results in which animals lived double ages of the normal life span and no aged organs appeared.  For this experiment, a complete announcement of achievements was presented to the public by media and monograph books (see Chapter Three).  After these events, we shifted our research to clinical corroboration, in which human somatic cells were induced to become stem cells in situ, and then regenerated and restored tissues and organs in situ.  The following is a clinical application report about human body in situ regenerative restoration.

1. Through regenerative culture of various normal cells, nutritional compositions for 206 types of cells were screened out, and as a basis, composed further the regenerative nutritious substances, made them into edible nutritional foods in accordance with the international food standards, we called these nutritional compositions as regenerative nutritional substance compositions.
2. Drug for external use: MEBO ointment, MEBO skin regenerative composition products.
3. Volunteers used regenerative nutritional substances by oral or local administration.
4. Grouping of volunteers:
1) General organ regenerative restoration group: Older than 45 years old, male or female.  Now the oldest volunteer in this group is 103 years old.
2) Skin organ regenerative restoration group: Older than 30 years old,  male or female.
3) Gastrointestinal organ regenerative restoration group: Any age, male or  female.
4) Wound patient group: Any age, male or female.

1. Regenerative nutritional substance compositions for inducing somatic cells into stem cells were delivered into human tissues and organs by local and oral administration just like using daily nutritional food; this will provide regenerative nutrition to tissues and organs.  The blood component concentration of the regenerative nutritional substances was always maintained in a certain level. Then the tissues and organs could naturally accept regenerative nutritional substance compositions according to their individual needs.
2.  According to the food structure of 4, 1, 1, 1, and 3, instructed the volunteers for daily diet.
3. Observed the regenerative restoration changes of various tissues and organs, observation intervals would be 2, 5, 10, 20, and 40 years.
4.  Burns, wounds, and ulcers were treated with related MEBO drugs.
5. Aged skins were treated with MEBO skin regenerative composition products.