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2 Regenerative restoration ofr severed fingers

作者:Xu Rongxiang 出版社:CHINA SOCIAL SCIENCES PRESS 发行日期:2009 September

The data here showed the regeneration of severed last segment of finger, “severed” here means totally separated and completely defective, including bones, muscles, nerves, blood vessels, soft tissues, and all tissues composing skin.  Generally, replantation is currently used in surgical therapy for treating the severed fingers.  While, for the last segment, because of its very small blood vessels and the tiny location of a finger end, it is really difficult for the tissues to survive after the surgery; the alternative method is only to be a destructive method of wound section closure, this resulting in a life long deformity of the finger.

Our regenerative and restorative technique has achieved clinically the in situ regenerative restoration of the severed last segment of the finger.

2.1 Regenerative and restorative process of severed finger with an infected section:
Fig.7: Series of pictures illustrating the regeneration of severed finger.
Thumbs severed for second time were regenerated in situ successfully.

2.2 Examples of in situ regenerative restoration in fresh severance wound without infection:

Fig.8: Pictures of several cases.