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8 Research on rResearch on regenerative anti-cancer

作者:Xu Rongxiang 出版社:CHINA SOCIAL SCIENCES PRESS 发行日期:2009 September

8.1 Results of basic research:
We have deciphered the growth law of cancer cells on cellular levels, and also construed the law of cell organelle change as one of the events that regenerative substances leads cancer cells to apoptosis.  In January, 2008, we declared that we had overcome cancers.  According to the previous cancer cell research data, we began to carry on the research on nutritional caring for the dying cancer patients, in this program, we use 'total nutrient dietotherapy' to help the patients to relieve pain and prolong life span, the statistic data indicated that the surviving rate was 61% in the starting 4 months, 82% in 12 months, and 89% in 16 months. These basic research has showed the possibility of overcoming cancers in the near future. (See Fig.1)

So we also make overcoming cancer as our major task of future human body regenerative restoration research, and the following are the basic research results completed by us. It is concluded and released as follows. 

1. Results of cancer cell induction test:
By standard protocol, regenerative substances were added to cell media which contained carcinogenic agent; no normal cells were induced to become cancer cells.  The results suggested that the regenerative substances prevented the carcinogenesis caused by carcinogenic agent.
2. Results of cancer cell surviving tests:
1) Culture test of cancer cells: Selected several cancer cell lines (different types), cultured them in vitro respectively, and add a certain amount of regenerative substances; the cancer cells died in 48 hours. (See Fig.2-6)

2) Co-culture test of normal cells and cancer cells:
Co-cultured mouse bone marrow progenitor cells and gastric cancer cell line BGC-823, added a certain amount of regenerative substances, cancer cells died and disappeared within 5 days, but mouse bone marrow progenitor cells proliferated and formed tissue colonise of bone marrow.  In control group containing no regenerative substances, bone marrow progenitor cells died and disappeared, and at the same time gastric cancer cell lines proliferated vigorously.  (See Fig.7-10)

3. Results of mouse tumor inhibition test:
S-180 cells were injected into the abdominal cavity of mice to form tumors.  The mice were divided into two groups when the tumors grew to certain size, One

group was fed with common nutritional feed mixed with regenerative substances (test group), the other group with the same common nutritional feed without

regenerative substances (control group).  Some time later, the mice were killed and the whole tumors from the abdominal cavity of mice from two groups were

taken out and weighed. The results of two groups were compared. The weight of tumor from test group (0.982g/mouse) was significantly less than that from

control group (3.120g/mouse), and the color and appearance of tumor tissues in two groups were also different. (See fig. 11)

4. In vitro human tumor tissue culture test:
Culture tissue explants from human gastric cancer and human cecum cancer respectively in vitro, and divide the explants into two groups, one group added with regenerative substances (test group), the other not (control group).  The result was: explants in test group died one week later, and explants in control group survived. (See fig. 12-15)

5. Results of in situ human cancer application:
Squamous cell carcinoma patients:  Clear the necrotic tissue from the surface of the cancer tissue, expose fresh and live cancer tissue, then smear regenerative substances, and change the regenerative substances twice daily; 21 days later, cancer cells in the skin carcinoma wound disappeared, and then the skin healed. (See fig.16)

6. Replication of the skin cancer treatment: Adenoma was cured in 52 days; skin squamous cell carcinoma was cured in one month. (See fig.17-18)

8.2 Study on mechanism of regenerative anti-cancer:
Based on the basic research results indicating that regenerative substances affected lives of cancer cells, we chose human embryonic lung cell line MRC5 cells as normal control cells, and human lung cancer cell line A549 cells as test cancer cells, selected the regenerative nutritious substances especially for human lung tissue as objective to be tested, cultured the two kinds of cells respectively, and observed how the regenerative nutritious substances acted after entering the cells. 
The result was as follows: after the normal cells swallowed the regenerative substances, metabolism of the cell organelles was stimulated, nuclei divided actively, regenerative substances were exhausted by metabolism; however, no obvious proliferation occurred to normal control lung cells without presentation of regenerative substances.  After lung cancer cells swallowed the regenerative substances, metabolism of organelles of cells stopped on the instant; on the first day, pseudopodia of cells broke, mitochondrion swelled and died, chromocenters contracted, metabolism and exhaustion did not happened to the phagocytized regenerative substances, and cells died in apoptosis on the second day with no changes for phagocytized regenerative substances. 
These results indicated that for normal control lung cells, regenerative substance was a kind of regenerative nutrition; while for cancer cells, regenerative substance was fatal.  The results also showed that regenerative substances acted first in cytoplasm, then in nucleus.  This will probably be a new approach for us to overcome cancer. (See pictures of electron microscope)

8.3  Preliminary understanding for the mechanism of carcinogenesis of cells:
Based on our research on cells and primary clinical exploration, and based on changes of cell life status occurred to cells after the regenerative substances were phagocytized, we acquired a preliminary conclusion on carcinogenesis:
1. According to the results of co-culture of cancer cells and normal cells, and other results from tests of various cell lines, we believe that basically, nutritional necessity for cancer cells and normal cells is different, i.e. nutritious substances, which make normal cells proliferate and differentiate, can induce apoptosis for cancer cells.
2. According to the dynamic changes of cellular organelles in the research in which regenerative substances exerted an effect on cancer cells, we consider that proliferation and differentiation law of cancer cells is completely different from that of normal cells, in that conditions that can make normal cells proliferate and differentiate will render cancer cells to death.
3. Based on the affect and mechanism of skin cancer treatment, we consider that cancer is a nutritional metabolic disease caused by malnutrition; it is a curable nutritional disease.
4. Based on the results of the research, which explored effect of regenerative substances on induction of carcinogenesis, we believe that cancer is absolutely preventable.
5. We observed, during the apoptosis of cancer cells, mitochondrion swelled and necrotized firstly, nucleus changes succeeded; so we think that cell carcinogenesis occurs in mitochondrion firstly. (See fig.19)

8.4  Timetable for overcoming cancer clinically
The Clinical practices by which many hospitals treated skin cancers effectively verify that we have overcome skin squamous carcinoma clinically.  Sooner or later we will overcome other kinds of cancers.  We are researching and developing injection of regenerative substances products.  We found that curing of skin cancer owned to the direct external use of regenerative substances. In this way of direct contact, cancer tissues can obtain a lot of regenerative substances, resulting in quick control of cancer cells.  But for the internal organs, because of the restriction of absorbed amount, can not get enough regenerative substances, therefore there will not be clinical effect as good as in skin cancer treatment.  So, developing various techniques that increase supply of regenerative substances for target interior organs might be effective approach to accelerate the overcoming of cancers.


The successful cases in this research report are all beyond the expectation of studies on present modern medicine or life science, thus are undoubtedly the miracles of modern life science without any possibility of dispute.

Since we have independently invented and established the scientific system of inducing somatic cells to stem cells which then realize in situ regenerative restoration of tissues and organs, and gained the protection of copyright and patent as well as success in the products and techniques commercialization, we are not only dominant on the discourse right of life science (for the somatic cells have not been induced to stem cells by others in the field of life science in the world) but also on the leading status on the clinical fulfillment of life science (because the in situ regenerative restoration of tissues and organs has not been achieved in any other life science researches in any countries till now) If the stem cell research is considered as the symbolism of advanced life science in 21st century, our life science research is undoubtedly at a definitely dominating position.

According to the clinical application results of inducing somatic cells to stem cells and in situ regenerative restoration of tissues and organs of human body for two years, the instinct and rules of in situ regeneration of human organs have been clearly disclosed. A new “Human Body Regeneration Science” of human life sciences has been established, which will change the life and living laws of human beings, change the structure of food source energy of human life and change the economic pattern of the whole world. According to the present clinical application results and experiences, this research can not be simply considered as a scientific research any more, but a great event involved with life and living, economy and politics of human beings, which will restructure the world, create a new world and lead to an inexorable revolution of the life science.

Acknowledgement to the participating volunteers
The first phase of our clinical trial could not have been accomplished without the participation of volunteers. In this occasion, we would like to express our great gratitude to them. The volunteers, besides some patients having wounds and ulcers cured by regenerative restoration, are no ordinary public. On the contrary, they are all prestigious leaders, senior scientists, medical scientists and middle-aged or elderly elites from the fields of business, finance and culture & art both at home and abroad. Some of them from the enterprises and business industry even donated sums of funds for the scientific research. All terminal cancer patients, some being elder leaders, entrepreneurs and some others farmers, poor patients, applied for enrollment in this program based to the diagnosis certificate provided by hospitals or family doctors. As a life scientist, I again want to express my appreciation and respect to all the above volunteers for their kind cooperation.