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Part Six Direction of Usage

作者:Xu Rongxiang 出版社:CHINA SOCIAL SCIENCES PRESS 发行日期:2009 September

1)  How to regeneratively restore the gastrointestinal mucosa
Each time administer 5 GICs at the time of early morning, noon, evening, bedtime for half a year to ensure the effects. Personal regenerative restoration plan should be designed in accordance with the aging condition of gastrointestinal mucosa so as to accomplish the promised results.
 2) How to prevent gastrointestinal premature aging and ensure the normal condition
Although there are many factors causing gastrointestinal aging, the animal experiment of the healthcare technique proves: if regenerative nutrients and protection are supplied for the gastrointestinal mucosa and bioclock diet is obeyed, the gastrointestinal mucosa, submucosal gland, muscle layer of the gastrointestinal wall will achieve in situ regeneration and gastrointestinal premature aging will be prevented. The method is: bioclock diet plan is obeyed, and 5 MEBO Gastrointestinal Capsules are administered with each meal.

Scientific validation by experiments
Choose 50 WISTAR albino rats at the age of 10 months and divide them into experimental group and control group. Feed the rats in the experimental group according to the gastrointestinal in situ regenerative restoration technique and the bioclock diet plan. Also, fixed amount of MEBO Gastrointestinal Capsule was added to the feedstuff in the experimental group. After every 100-day-feed, execute 5 rats in each group for gastrointestinal whole tissue biopsy (this biopsy also includes the rats die naturally during experiment) to observe the tissue structure and the aging condition of the gastrointestinal mucosa surface, submucosal gland tissues, and gastrointestinal smooth muscle layer. The feeding period was 500 day and then the rats were executed in the subsequent 5 time points. When the experiment was started, the gastrointestinal tissue biopsy of the rats at the same age and in the same race was applied for comparison.

1. On the 100th day
The gastrointestinal mucosa, gland, muscle layer in the experimental group did not show aging, but showed the condition of the middle-aged rat.
The gastrointestinal mucosa, gland and muscle layer in the control group showed aging compared with that initial condition.
No natural death occurred in the two groups.
2. On the 500th day:
The gastrointestinal mucosa, gland, muscle layer in the experimental group did not show aging, but showed the condition of the middle-aged rat.
The gastrointestinal mucosa, gland and muscle layer in the control group showed aging compared with that initial condition.
1. Experiment design
Choose WISTAR albino rats with the age of 10 months. The male albino rats have the lifetime of 480 days on average, so 10 months old albino rat is considered old with its gastrointestinal organs beginning aging. If this health care technique has the effect of preventing the aging of the gastrointestinal organs, this experiment can demonstrate it objectively. In addition, the termination time of this experiment is on the 500th day (the total time includes 300 days pre-experiment and 500 experimental days, the actual experiment time is 526 days).That is to say, the lifetime of the albino rats is 826 days, which is almost the twice more than the average lifetime. The purpose is to observe the anti-aging result of gastrointestinal organs as well as the influence on the whole lifetime while performs the activity of anti-aging of gastrointestinal organs. If the lifetime of albino rats in the experimental group is longer than that in the control group, it proves that the anti-aging of gastrointestinal organs influences the whole lifetime.
2. Analysis of the results:
Experimental group: the gastrointestinal biopsy of the initial rats and the end results prove: under the gastrointestinal regenerative nutrients and the bioclock diet plan, the gastrointestinal gland, mucosa and muscle tissues can maintain vigorous life and the life can be prolonged.
Control group: the gastrointestinal tissue test during the experiment proves: all gastrointestinal tissues are in a very aged condition. Compared with the result in experimental group, it proves: the gastrointestinal premature aging occurs without the healthcare technique.
The average life of the rats in the experimental group is about 300 days longer than that of control group because of the adoption of bioclock diet plan.
3. Scientific significance
The experiment proves again there are potential regenerative cells existing in all tissue organs. Under the action of regenerative nutrients, these potential regenerative cells will in situ regenerate new tissue cells to replace and renew the damaged and aged cells to maintain the function and life of tissue organs.

Note: The tissue photos in scientific experiment refer to the section of anti-aging experiment validation.
3)  How to prevent scar formation from using medicine for treating gastrointestinal ulcer
Gastrointestinal ulcer is a disease hard to be treated but recurs easily. The main reason is: the ulcer will heal with scar formation for either natural healing or treatment by drugs. The mechanism of all the treatment is aimed at the early scar formation of the ulcer wound in order to alleviate the pain and danger of the patients. However, the healed site with scar does not have the function of mucosa and does not have self protection function. The healed site will be damaged again at any time by the food or other factors in the gastrointestinal and consequently erosion and ulcer will recur. MEBO gastrointestinal mucosa regenerative restoration technique proves: utilizing the residual living tissue cells and stem cells existing in the gastrointestinal ulcer to regenerate new gastrointestinal mucosa. The most important factor for mucosa recovery without scar formation is isolating the ulcer wound from the damage of gastrointestinal contents such as food and medicine and establishing ecological environment for mucosa regeneration. This isolating function and environment can be supplied by MEBO Gastrointestinal Capsule. Meanwhile, it can promote and nourish cell to regenerate new mucosa to repair the ulcer wound and recover function. The clinical experiment proves: when treating gastrointestinal ulcer with MEBO Gastrointestinal Capsule, the gastrointestinal ulcer wound can heal without scar formation, so MEBO Gastrointestinal Capsule is the perfect companion of the medicine treating gastrointestinal ulcer. The method is: the medicine treatment can be continued, 5 MEBO Gastrointestinal Capsules are administered every 6 hours. If the symptom is not relieved after 30 minutes, 5 capsules are added until the symptom disappears. Generally the prescription time is one month. However, for severe and large area of ulcer wound, the capsules can be administered until the complete healing of wound without time limit.
Note: The gastrointestinal regenerative restoration technique is used for preventing ulcers scar healing along with the other medical treatments. When using this technique, do not terminate the other drug treatments. This technique is the companion of other medical techniques but not the modern medical technique and drug .Administering the MEBO GIC can regenerate and restore the gastrointestinal mucosa and keep it in a healthy state. 

4)  How to prevent chronic gastroenteritis and ulcer
The main cause of chronic gastroenteritis is: the decreased gastrointestinal mucosa protection and mental stress. So the mucosa can not prevent all invasion

and stimulus to the mucosa, which will cause chronic inflammation. Some will cause proliferative inflammation, atrophic inflammation and cancer.
The cause of ulcer is that the destructive damage of mucosa caused by physical and mental factors and the long-term unhealed injury of mucosa, so the damage

develops into ulcer in the end.
In one word, mild injury to the mucosa is the initiating factor of chronic gastroenteritis and ulcer. Prompt protection and regeneration of the slightly

damaged mucosa will prevent gastrointestinal diseases. Method: when gastrointestinal aching, acid reflux, nausea, emesis and psychotic abdominal pain occurs,

5 MEBO Gastrointestinal Capsules are administered (1~3 capsules to children). One more administration is needed 4 hours later.

5)  How to prevent and repair the damage of gastric mucosa caused by alcohol
The main effect of MEBO Gastrointestinal Capsule is preventing gastrointestinal mucosa damage and repairing damaged gastrointestinal mucosa. Taking 5 MEBO

GICs before and during drinking, you will enjoy drinking but the stomach will not be damaged by alcohol. Taking 5 MEBO GICs after drinking; the damaged

gastrointestinal mucosa by alcohol will be repaired in time. Vomiting and the other symptoms caused by drinking will be relieved by chewing 5 to 10 MEBO


MEBO with alcohol, gastrointestine is in heaven
Enjoy the pleasure from drinking with MEBO protection for gastrointestinal organs. It has been thousands of years since the earliest record of pursuit of

pleasure from alcohol drinking by the human beings, but till now people are still not very clear about why the alcohol could bring people enjoyment and what

kind of damages the alcohol brings to the human body.

Records show that human started drinking wine thousands of years ago. People know that wine can bring happiness but how many people knows that it will harm

the health? You do not know. In the following part, our science will illustrate the happiness and the bitterness brought by wine.

Wine can bring you to the happy heaven.
Alcohol provides you with extraordinary happiness. No matter liquor, red wine or beer, as long as it contains alcohol, when it reaches brain through blood

circulation, it will directly stimulate the pituitary which will secrete a large quantity of beta endorphin which is commonly considered as “happy hormone”


This hormone will make the brain cell excited and feel happy and also it will accelerate the metabolism of all the tissues and organs of the human body. It

is just like that a circus or spring festival has come to a tranquil village, which brings happiness never experienced before to the human body. The feeling

of happiness is like going to heaven. That is the reason why the alcohol culture was formed. In the history, most of poems were written by the poets after

drinking. Not knowing the harm brought by drinking, people treat drinking as the spiritual ballast of immortal and saint. People have taken the alcohol as a

temporary spiritual comfort without being aware of the troubles the alcohol would bring simultaneously.

Troubles caused by alcohol
Alcohol brings people not only the enjoyment, but troubles as well, which are mainly regarded as direct damages to gastrointestinal organs, damages to liver

when the amount of alcohol is beyond the detoxifying ability, and the addictive substances.
The direct damages to gastrointestine: when alcohol reaches stomach and duodenum, it will exist in the gastrointestinal as alcohol because it can not be

digested rapidly by gastric acid, bile or pancreatic juice. The alcohol will directly damage the mucus matter that protecting the gastrointestinal mucosa no

matter what the amount of alcohol is. Large amount of alcohol will be absorbed through gastric mucosa. Meanwhile, due to the loss of the protection of mucus,

the gastrointestinal mucosa will be damaged by the gastric acid, pepsin or bile and pancreatic juice. And inflammation reaction or erosion, ulcer, acute

bleeding or even tissue necrosis will occur. The more the alcohol taken, the more the damages. Regardless of the severity, long-term drinkers all have

gastrointestinal damages.
Damages to liver: The chemical name of alcohol is ethanol. Ethanol in liver and gastrointestine is decomposed to aldehyde by ethanol dehydrogenase,

then further dehydrogenated to acetic acid and finally decomposed to water and carbon dioxide. If the alcohol in the blood circulation is beyond liver’s

detoxifying ability, liver will be directly damaged and alcoholic fatty liver or cirrhosis will show up. Meanwhile, enzymatic system in liver (Cytochrome

P4512E1) can also oxidize ethanol, but free radicals will be produced in this course, which will aggravate fat deposit and cirrhosis in the liver cells.

Detoxifying ability of liver is normally estimated as: 40g-50g/day and 210g/week of liquor (50% ethanol). The number would have to be adjusted according to

people’s drinking capacity. Detoxifying ability of liver in long-term drinkers will be strengthened, while more free radicals will be produced, which

accelerates the damaging of liver. Long-term drinkers have to be cautious about the amount of alcohol according to individual health conditions.
Mechanism of alcohol producing addictive substances: A special chemical material named tetrahydroisoquinoline will be produced in the blood during

drinking, which is addictive like morphine. Therefore, alcoholics will feel very miserable without drinking. That is to say, it will be painful in brain when

the concentration of tetrahydroisoquinoline in blood drops to a certain level.
The effect of MEBO GIC
MEBO GIC has the following three effects proved through animal and human experiments:
First: MEBO helps to prevent the damage of alcohol to gastrointestine. The contents of MEBO GIC will stick to the surface of mucosa directly after

reaching gastrointestine and last for 4~6 hours, which will isolate the damage of alcohol to mucosa and mucus and therefore protect the mucosa. Meanwhile, it

will decrease the amount of alcohol absorbed in the stomach and increase the gastrointestine digestive function to alcohol. The human experiment proves: the

alcohol contents in blood of the persons taking MEBO GIC decrease about 14%~20% comparing to that of those without taking MEBO GIC.
Second: MEBO helps to decrease the amount of alcohol absorbed in the gastrointestine and alleviate the burden of liver. The experimental result shows

the alcohol contents in the blood of the person taking MEBO GIC is much lower, which means on one hand the amount of alcohol absorbed in the gastrointestine

is less, and on the othe rhand the ability of digesting alcohol is strengthened because of the undamaged mucosa.
Third: MEBO helps to repair the damaged mucosa in time. Without the protection of MEBO while drinking, it will bring damages to the gastrointestine,

especially those people who drink too much, which will cause the irritable injury in gastrointestine, nausea, vomiting, stomachache and headache. If any of

these occurs, taking 5 MEBO GICs in time. Dose can be increased until the symptom is relieved. In the treatment of severe vomit, administer GIC by chewing.

The contents of the capsule have the function of relieving the sickness and after taken to the stomach, they will attach to the surface of mucosa. The

damaged gastrointestinal mucosa will be repaired in 24 hours and in three days at most.

6) How to prevent and correct the gastrointestinal function disorder caused by taking chemical drugs
One of the main side effects of medication, especially the antirheumatic and non-steroid anti-inflammatory drug is the gastrointestinal disorder, which is mainly caused by the stimulus and damage of chemical drugs to the gastrointestinal mucosa. The regeneration and restoration technique of MEBO GIC can prevent and correct the gastrointestinal disorder caused by chemical drugs.
Administration: take 1~3 MEBO GICs together with chemical medicine. For slight reaction, take 1 MEBO GIC; for those with serious reaction, take 3 MEBO GICs.

7) How to prevent and decrease the damage to gastrointestinal mucosa caused by chemotherapy
Chemotherapy is the main treatment method for cancer patients. However, the side effect such as the damage to gastrointestine can not be prevented and decreased. Anyway, MEBO GIC and MEBO gastrointestinal regenerative restoration technique can solve this problem. Administrating 5 MEBO GICs every 6 hours can reduce or prevent the further damage caused by chemotherapy.

Note: Gastrointestinal healthcare plan should be designed according to individual diseases. You can contact MEBO Xianrentang club of human body regenerative restoration for the detailed plan. Website: www.xrtclub.com

8)  How to prevent and correct the gastrointestinal disorder caused by radiotherapy
One of the main side effects of radiation is the gastrointestinal tract damage which can be accumulated, which will cause gastrointestinal long-term damage or even necrosis, various gastrointestinal tract disorder or even erosion and ulcer. MEBO gastrointestinal regenerative restoration technique can regenerate new mucosa on the radiation ulcer site.
Administration: take 5 MEBO GICs before meal and sleep. Continue for one month after radiotherapy.

9) How to correct functional disorder such as abdominal distension, stomachache, acid reflux, nausea and emesis caused by improper diet
Those functional disorders caused by improper diets or unacclimatization are temporary reaction against gastrointestinal mucosa stimulus. Take 5 MEBO GICs at one time. When the contents of the capsule stick to the mucosa, the symptoms will be relieved or removed. Or chew 5 MEBO GICs in order to achieve rapid effect. Children can take or chew 1-3 MEBO GICs each time. The earlier the administration, the better the effectiveness.

10) How to prevent and eliminate constipation
To solve the problem of constipation, we need to know the physiological process of defecation and the mechanism of constipation first. Defecation is one of the important physiological metabolisms. After the small intestines absorb the main nutrients of the food, the waste will be discharged to large intestines and it will be fermented by mixing with the bacteria in the large intestines. The new substances and the water will be absorbed by the large intestine. Finally excrement is formed and defecated. When the excrement goes through the joint of rectum, the nerve cell at the joint of the rectum will send the signal to the brain (rectum bowl is empty in normal condition), then the brain sends the order of defecation to the muscle dynamic system and the excrement will be discharged outside the human body.

Except the constipation caused by congenital anomalies and solid indigestive food ,the other types of constipation are all caused by the functional disorders of the bowel mucosa, glands , muscle cells and defecation signal cells. As a result, in order to eradicate constipation, we have to start from the researches on the functional intestinal cells. If the functional cells recover to normal, the constipation will not exist any more. From the perspective of functional cells, we find that the main factors causing constipation are bowel mucosal lesions, glandular secretion insufficiency, and weakness or thin layer of intestinal muscle, The excrement is retained in the large intestine for a long time and the hypofunction or functional disorders of the signal cells at the joint of descending colon and rectum lead to insufficient defecation signals.

The technique utilizing bioclock diet plan and MEBO GIC will solve the constipation problem through the following ways: A. the effect of bioclock diet plan to constipation. The bioclock diet plan ensures the rule of diet and the composition of food, so normally the constipation caused by irregular diet will be relieved or avoided. B. One of the effects of MEBO GIC is solving the problem of constipation. The clinical experiments prove that the composition of MEBO GIC can remove constipation caused by gastrointestinal function disorder.
1. Normal constipation: obey bioclock diet plan, then constipation will be avoided.
2. For regular discontinuous constipation, take 5 MEBO GICs before sleep for those used to defaecation in the morning and 5 capsules at noon for those used to defaecation at night.
3. For long-term constipation, obey bioclock diet plan, take 5 MEBO GICs together with meal, and take additional 5 capsules before sleep.
4. For refractory constipation, go to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment.

11) Administration of MEBO GIC in daily life
In daily life, MEBO GIC can prevent and repair all mucosa damage in digestive tract.
1. Protect mucous membrane of oral cavity: The mucous membrane of oral cavity is the starting point of digestive tract. The glandular organ in the oral cavity can secrete saliva, saliva prolease and so on which can help to digest the food. While secreting those substances, it will stimulate the mucous membrane of the oral cavity. The other factors, such as submucosal vasospasm and vitamin deficiency will cause the ulcer of oral cavity, due to the mucous membrane is in low ability in resisting the damage caused by chewing food and secreted saliva. Hold GIC at the ulcer position before sleep and the contents of capsule will stick at the wound after release. The wound will heal on the second day. For those still with open wound, chew capsule in the daytime, one capsule every hour and hold one before sleep. Children should chew the capsule in time, holding the capsule in the mouth is forbidden.
2. Toothache: toothache can be caused by gingivitis and ulcer. The pain will be relieved immediately after chewing the capsule and will be eliminated in a relatively short time.
3. Dry throat: chew adequate amount of capsule. After the contents of the capsule sticking at the throat for a period of time, the symptom will be removed.
4. Protect esophagus: when esophagus scald happens, chew 1~3 MEBO GICs immediately and the symptom will be relieved. 1~3 MEBO GICs are chewed after every 4~6 hours and the damaged mucosa can be repaired after 3 days, and esophagus disorder can be prevented.
5. For persons with the symptoms of ship sick, car sick, plane sick: when the symptom occurs, chew 3~5 MEBO GICs immediately. The contents of MEBO GIC will stick on the gastric mucosa and then the symptom will be relieved.
6. Smearing the content of MEBO GIC to the anus will relieve the pain caused by defaecation.

12) Protecting the gastrointestine of athletes
According to the test performed by Stimulant Detect Center of Olympics Committee, MEBO Gastrointestinal Capsule does not contain any hormone forbidden to be administered.

In a sense, the gastrointestinal condition of the athletes determines their performances. Professional athletes are often suffering from the gastrointestinal ulcers, gastric bowel injuries, gastrointestinal aging, especially due to the spiritual and physical strain and excessive metabolism which will cause gastrointestinal bleeding or ulcers. The premature aging of gastrointestinal mucosa directly affects nutrition absorption, which largely affects the stamina and performance of the athletes, but the drug banned for athletes can not be used for the prevention or treatment of gastrointestinal disease and aging, so the gastrointestinal diseases and aging have become a severe problem for athletes. MEBO GIC does not contain any banned hormone, as examined by the Stimulant Detect Center of Olympics Committee in 2001, and has been successfully applied in athletes for years.