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Part One: In situ Skin Regenerative Restoration & Rejuvenati

作者:Xu Rongxiang 出版社:CHINA SOCIAL SCIENCES PRESS 发行日期:2009 September

1. Scientific Background

Skin is the largest organ and closely related to all the functions of all other human organs.  The life period of skin is presumably decided by the life span of skin cells, which is commonly considered as 300 years at least.  According to this scientific conclusion, the young state of human skin should be no less than 50 years.  That is to say, a 60-year old person should enjoy the skin of a 30-year old, while the skin of people in their 30s should be at an early stage of the youth.  However, generally the skin aged prematurely due to influence from the nature environment, diet and other factors.  Namely the skin begins to age when people step into their 30s, and eventually goes to the end stage of life with the termination of other human organs.  Therefore, if we fulfill the regeneration of skin, we can stop the premature aging of skin, and if we can fulfill the in situ regeneration of the skin cells, we can restore the skin back into young and vigorous state.  It is an innovative, yet already achieved, dream of all human beings!

Determined by the physiological structure, skin is the firstly aged organ of human body.  As the outside protector of the human body, although people has tried all kinds of methods to protect it, it just ages like other human organs and people can do nothing but watch the young and charming appearance passing away.  Academics commonly believe that neither high-tech products nor plastic surgery techniques can fundamentally reserve the young skin or restore the skin, and nothing can prevent people from aging.

During the research of regeneration in burned skin, we have fulfilled the regeneration of skin and all of its appendages on the wound surface and discovered the secret of in situ regeneration of skin and appendages.  After further research, we fulfilled the in situ regeneration of all human organs, declared the secondary life cells of human body: Potential Regenerative Cells (PRCs) and fulfilled the in situ regeneration of full thickness skin, severed fingers, gastrointestinal organs and other organs.  All these marvelous inventions have obtained the international copyrights and patents in US, Europe, Japan and China.  We are the only one in the field who really clinically fulfilled the organ cloning from somatic cells, in situ organ and human body regeneration worldwide. 

With the techniques of inducing stem cells in situ from skin PRCs and regenerating and restoring skin and all appendages in situ, we have achieved the regeneration and renewal of normal skin and realized the dream of prevention of premature aging of skin and preserving the youth.  This in situ skin regenerative restoration & rejuvenation technique is one part of ‘Human Body Regenerative Restoration Science’.

2. The efficacy of in situ skin organ regenerative restoration & rejuvenation technique

In situ skin regenerative restoration technique is to introduce a type of liquid regenerative nutrient---the regenerative nutritional substances, which can initiate the regeneration and renewal of skin cells in situ and rejuvenation of aged skin, into the skin by a hyperbaric machine and encourage the natural absorption after the emulsification of regenerative nutrients.  After introduced into the epidermis and hypodermis, the regenerative nutrients can directly work on different types of skin cells to in situ regenerate and recover the hypofunctional cells, renew the aged cells to a younger state, and finally discontinue the premature aging of skin cells and ensure that all the biological functions of skin and appendages work well.   

3. The mechanism of in situ skin regenerative restoration & rejuvenation technique

1) Mechanism of skin aging

Symptoms and Physical Signs: Skin is composed of four types of tissues: epithelial tissues, connective tissues, nerve tissues and muscle tissues.  With the aging of human body, this four types of tissues step into the premature aging just like tissues in other human organs.  The reflection of aging epithelial tissues shows on epidermis, sweat glands and hairs, say the epidermis becomes rough, lusterless, and depilating, and desquamation, pigmentation, and senile plaque begin to show up.  For connective tissues, the reflection includes skin attenuation, loss of elasticity, shrinking, and decreasing of blood circulation.  Dull skin and no vitality show up during the aging of nerve tissues.  The muscle tissues in skin refer to the lanugo arrectores pilorum.  The aging of lanugo arrectores pilorum shows on the decreasing of grease excretion, dull skin reaction, decreasing of skin dynamic elasticity, dry and wither hair etc.

Cytohistology: The number of stem cells on the epidermis surface decreases obviously and the metabolic rate of epidermis layers slows down while the cornification accelerates.  Metabolism of sebaceous gland and sweat gland cells slows down and these cells gradually turn for apoptosis.  Fibroblasts are aging and decreasing, and collagen fibers can not be fasciculated.  A whole degeneration of hypodermis tissues shows up and effective blood circulation decreases. Nerve corpuscles and fibers are all degenerating.

Functional Studies: The hormone influencing the metabolism of whole human body produced by the skin decreases, skin loses its effects on other organs so secondary sex characteristics of skin may deteriorate or disappear, and respiratory functions of whole body metabolism lowers down and so on.

2) Mechanism of In situ Skin Regenerative Rejuvenation Technique

After the absorption of regenerative nutrients, the potential regenerative ability of connective somatic cells of hypodermis will be initiated to help achieve the regenerative renewal and repair of aging and aged skin cells, which eventually rejuvenation the skin cells to a younger and more vigorous state.

 The absorbed regenerative substances promote the disordered fibers to form bundles, which then recovers the elasticity and thickness of dermis.

After the absorption of regenerative nutrients, the stem cells in lamina basal layer and dermis tissues can be recovered and regenerated with normal structure and function, which helps to maintain the vigor of epithelial tissues in epidermis and hypodermis and all other organs in the skin, and to prevent and eliminate the pigmentation and other symptoms caused by skin aging. (Research pictures of K-19 cells enclosed).

After the absorption of the regenerative nutrients by skin or GI track; nerves, blood vessels and appendages will be regenerated and restored. (Researches of hair follicle regeneration enclosed).

4. The product combined with the technique

i) Liquid Nutrients for Skin Regeneration

Product Name: Sesame Extraction I and II, which are essential nutritional ingredient compositions extracted from sesame under international food manufacture standard.

Skin Regenerative Nutrient I

It is the essential nutrient for skin Keratin-19 stem cells and for the regenerative restoration of fibers.  In addition, it is the necessary nutritional composition for the regeneration of skin cells and suitable for all ages.

Skin Regenerative Nutrient II

It contains high concentration of skin regenerative nutrient I and is specially designed for different skins of aged people.

ii) Product Kit Specially Applied in the Introduce of Liquid Nutrients for Skin Regeneration by Hyperbaric Oxygen Machine

All skin-care products are manufactured as the isotonic matrix with skin cells, thus creates a favorable environment for cellular activities and protects cells and tissues.  The key is isotonicity. Normally the osmotic pressure of water or deionized water in cosmetics is lower than that of cell, which can be an unfavorable factor to cause cell injury such as cell swelling due to a low osmotic pressure.  Therefore, this is defined to be one of the mechanisms of skin injury during skin-care and cosmetic application.

 Iso-osmia Facial Cleanser

This botanic cleanser can not only remove grease secretions and dirt on skin surface, but also protect skin.

 Iso-osmia Regenerative Nutrient Cream

This product can not only protect skin with iso-osmia character, but also supply all skin layers with emulsive regenerative nutrients.

 Iso-osmia Regenerative Nutrient Mask Ointment

This product can not only protect skin with iso-osmia character, but also supply all skin layers with emulsive regenerative nutrients through applying on face for a while.

 Iso-osmia Regenerative Nutrient Toner

This iso-osmia and water-soluble regenerative nutrient toner can maintain freshness and nourishment of skin.

iii) Daily Skin-Care Kit of Regenerative Nutrient Emulsion

The cream or emulsion in daily skin-care kit is prepared by mixing iso-osmia botanic tissue fluid, emulsion material and liquid skin regenerative nutrients at a proper proportion.  After smeared on skin, the skin regenerative nutrients inside is gradually absorbed into skin through emulsification on skin surface.

 Facial Cream with Emulsified Regenerative Nutrient
 Neck Cream with Emulsified Regenerative Nutrient
 Eye Cream with Emulsified Regenerative Nutrient
 Hand Cream with Emulsified Regenerative Nutrient
 Night Lotion with Iso-osmia Regenerative Nutrient
 Iso-osmia Facial Cleanser
 Iso-osmia Toner
 Sun Block Day Cream

iv) Body Regeneration Lotion

(Coming soon)

v) Hair Regeneration Lotion

(Coming soon)

5. Technical Implementation

Approach I: This procedure can be performed in beauty parlor or even at home by the direct introduction of liquid regenerative nutrients to dermis and epidermis with 2P hyperbaric machine, once a week or once every other week.  However, daily skin-care kit of regenerative nutrient emulsion is required after introduction to ensure the continuous supplement of regenerative nutrients for skin regeneration, at least once in both morning and night.  Illustration of application procedure:

Approach II: If the member is not convenient to introduce liquid regenerative nutrients by hyperbaric machine, daily skin-care kit of regenerative nutrient emulsion is an ideal option, which can not only create a physiological nutritional environment favorable for cellular activity, but also maintain the continuous nutrition supplement of regenerative nutrients to skin cells, thus promote the persistent regeneration and renewal of cells if apply this skin-care product every day and night.  All the procedures above are fulfilled successfully based on the osmotic pressure of the skin-care product, which is the same as that of skin cell and tissue fluid, ensuring the natural permeation of regenerative nutrient into skin cells.  However, the effect is not as fast as that of liquid regenerative nutrient introduction with hyperbaric machine combining with the application of daily skin-care kit of regenerative nutrient emulsion.